About Us

What is JiMED

 JiMED Inc. was established in March 2020. Our company is a medical device venture originating from Osaka University, and we are responsible for the social implementation of BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) implantable in the body, which has been researched for many years by Prof. Masayuki Hirata of Osaka University.


Our company name is derived from the initial letters of “Japan Implantable Medical Devices.” It symbolizes our desire to develop innovative medical care from Japan to the world using Implantable devices.


 By applying BCI technology to medical care, JiMED will transform this technology into value for patients and contribute to solving social issues associated with physical restrictions due to diseases and injuries.







Hopeful choices for everyone

faced with physical restrictions due to diseases and injuries

 We will solve the social pain of patients, their families, and all those involved by using BCI technology to replace physical functions that have been lost as a result of diseases or injuries. Our ultimate goal is to realize a society in which people can participate freely.






 High-resolution brain signals are measured by an implanted EEG device inside the body and AI decodes them to operate external devices.